Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula  


For the Restoration of Catholic Tradition


About Us

A Description of the Guild and its Apostolate

What Makes the Guild Different from Other Traditionalist Groups?

The Root of the Problem

The Modernist Rebellion

Traitors in our Midst

Since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958, and particularly since the end of the Second Vatican Council in 1965, it has become increasingly apparent to men of faith and good will that something very grave has transpired within the walls of the Vatican.  Our Blessed Lady at La Salette warned of these times, when she prophesied that Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.  Has it really gone that far?  Many people believe that it is in these times that we now live.  Others are less convinced that we have descended yet to these depths, but are nevertheless acutely aware that something is very, very wrong.  We know a tree by its fruits, and the fruits of Vatican II are empty churches, mass apostasy, and almost no vocations.  Our churches have been turned into ugly meeting houses, with doubtful sacraments, a club-like atmosphere, and watered down doctrines.  No longer receiving any trustworthy guidance from those ordained to protect us, we are left to our own devices.  Looking back at the fifty years since Vatican II, we cannot fail to be disappointed by our efforts so far.

An Ineffective Response

The Traditionalist Reaction

From One Extreme to Another

Since Vatican II, many groups calling themselves "Traditionalists" have sprung up all over the world.  They all began with good intentions, and certainly, many souls have been led to a godly life through their efforts.  But unfortunately, these early traditionalist groups quickly realized that they no longer answered to a higher authority.  This awareness of their new power proved too great a temptation for many, and the smoke of Satan drifted from the conciliar church into the traditionalist movement.  Some priests became morally lax, others sought to fill their pews for financial gain.  New ideas of what was Catholic emerged, opinions were elevated into dogmatic beliefs that were never sanctioned by the Church.  Groups separated into sedevacantists, others who sought reintegration with the new Church, and yet more who claim to recognize the Pope while resisting his authority.  To the extent they maintained and promoted the traditional Catholic Mass and the true Faith of our fathers, we must acknowledge the contribution of all these groups.  However, it is regrettable that so many became fixated on their own agenda, seriously damaging the very cause they claimed to promote.  Much too often, the faithful have been scandalized as division follows division and scandals abound.  Good people who just want to be faithful Catholics instead find themselves disgusted and disillusioned.  When they go to Mass they are criticized and humiliated by tyrannical or greedy clergy and "holier-than-thou" fellow parishioners.  They are denied the sacraments on mere whims, and bullied into paying homage to priests more interested in their own opinions and bank accounts than in the glory of God or the zeal for souls.  There are many good priests out there, but unfortunately their silent and prayerful apostolates are too often submerged in the swamp of scandal that the traditionalist world has come to represent.

The Third Way

The Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula

God's Call to Action

With the experience of fifty years since the new Mass was introduced, Catholics are finally recognizing that there is another more effective way of reacting to the apostasy of Rome.  The way forward lies in the acceptance of God's will, foretold by the prophecies of his Blessed Mother at La Salette and Fatima, and the understanding that the very difficult times in which we live must be handled by the Catholic principles of two thousand years, based on the the cardinal virtues of faith, hope and charity.  We keep the Faith of our Fathers, we hope for the restoration of that Faith to the leaders of the post-conciliar Church, and above all we maintain our love for God and our fellow Catholics, whatever persuasion they may have been enticed to follow.  This love is demonstrated chiefly by our commitment to serving the needs of these Catholics, particularly in what concerns the eternal salvation of their souls.  The Guild is thus committed to preserving the treasures of the Church, her true apostolic Mass and sacrificial worship taught us by our Divine Saviour, her moral precepts and values, and even her cultural pearls of architecture, music, and fine art whose beauty raises the soul to God.  Our work of preservation lies chiefly in the priestly works of continuing to provide the faithful with a source for these treasures, and to instruct and counsel the faithful according to the Church's ancient faith and time-tested principles.  It is now up to the faithful we serve to respond to the Guild's apostolate by joining us in our prayers that the modernists may be driven out of Rome, and that all these treasures of the Church may be fully restored.  Please help the Guild to help you!

The Way Forward

Our Work of Preserving and Restoring

Between the two extremes of the revolutionary modernists and the reactionary traditionalists, there lies a real opportunity for us to find our way through the labyrinth of confusion we see in the Church today.  It should be obvious that if our Holy Mother Church is in trouble, it is our duty to try and fix the problem.  This must be our clear response to the current situation:  to work and pray for the restoration of the Church to her former glory, and to make reparation to Our Lord for the damage already caused to his Mystical Body.  It is for this that the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula was founded.  Not to be "Traditionalists" but to be Catholics and to act as Catholics should in such a crisis.

In the loving Providence of God, we have been born to live in these difficult times.  And like our forefathers who met the other crises of history with the strength of their faith and their burning love of God, we too must rise to the occasion which he has given in his mercy for our salvation.  As Catholics who realize that something is wrong in Rome, we cannot pretend we have no responsibilities.  We cannot leave the work to others.  God expects us to do our duty, and we must not let him down.

Will you not join us in this holy endeavour?   Members of the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula work and pray daily for the Restoration of the Church, her divinely revealed Faith, her traditional Sacraments, and her Catholic values and culture.  It is our fervent wish to answer God's call to deal appropriately with the situation we find ourselves in, spurning all temptations to divisiveness and futile arguments.  Our aim is to protect the Mystical Body from further harm, chiefly by our prayers, but certainly also by any other means Providence places at our disposal.

Our Membership page provides details on how you can join the Guild, either as a priest, a religious, or a lay person.  If you are serious about trying to find a real solution to the problems in the Church, you should at least learn more about the Guild and our efforts to achieve one.  The duties that membership brings are far outweighed by the spiritual benefits to yourself, and your contribution to the cause is even more important, no matter how humble it may be. 

Make no mistake, we do not make any pretence to be the sole solution to the problem in the Church.  Many fine priests and lay people around the world are also doing their part to resolve these issues, and as part of the same remnant of the Mystical Body, we join our own humble efforts to theirs.  Although we may be no more than yet another drop in the ocean, we can offer faithful Catholics of all persuasions a common haven from which to launch our efforts to defeat modernism and restore the Church.  This is our overriding goal and we hope you will join us.

"Many are called but few are chosen".  The fact that you have read this far is already an indication that you are called by the grace of God.  Called at least to keep alight the flame of Catholic faith.  You have been called, yes.  But have you been chosen to do more than just this?  Do you have a higher calling?

 We all come to a point in our lives when we ask ourselves:  "What can we give back to God for all the good things he has given to us?"  If in fact, we have been chosen, what should be our response?  What will we choose to give to God? 

If you are that point, please take time to consider joining the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula. Surely, God will reward your generosity by increasing your graces and drawing him closer to him.  Surely he will give to you the keys to break the chains of sin and worldly attachments.  And as we strive together in a new crusade to help free the Church from her own chains, surely our efforts will soften God's wrath and prevent for a while longer the great Chastisement that we now deserve.


The Government of the Guild ...

The Three Orders of the Guild

Like the ancient religious orders of the Church, the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula is organized into three distinct "orders," or types of membership.


The Guild seeks inspired and devoted priests to join us in our own campaign to preserve and restore the traditions of the Church.  If you're an ordained priest and don't feel your current situation fulfills the path to which God called you, why not discuss with us an alternative way, one that answers God's call to defend his Church.




The Guild is looking to establish its Second Order of Religious and seeks communites following the Rule of St. Benedict to join us in preserving the monastic traditions of that Rule, with especial emphasis on the communal recitation of the monastic Office. Members of teaching and nursing communities are also welcome.




The Guild welcomes as an Oblate any member of the Catholic clergy or laity, who wishes to structure his or her prayer life around the guidance of our simple Rule. We encourage our Oblates to center their life on the union with God found in the reception of the Divine Eucharist, and in their worship of God through the Divine Office.


Survival Steps in the Post-Conciliar World


Avoid the new Mass like the plague! Exposure to the Mass of Paul VI will eventually infect your faith and corrupt your sense of what is truly Catholic.   Instead, make every attempt to attend the ancient and venerable Mass that was passed down to us from Christ himself through his Apostles and their successors.  This traditional Mass instills in us a sense of the reverence and adoration that God expects from us, and more importantly, is Christ's continued sacrifice on Calvary, the channel of his graces and source of our union with him.

  • Find a traditional Mass in your area
  • Make sure its priests are valid and lead moral lives
Directory of Traditional Chapels in the U.S.A.

  • Attend Mass at least every Sunday
  • Familiarize yourself with the Mass by following it in your missal.
Buy Missal

  • Go to Confession and receive Holy Communion regularly
  • Support your clergy however you can
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