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For the Restoration of Catholic Tradition


Restoring Catholic Tradition

The Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula was formed to preserve and restore the foundation of the Church, the Rock of Peter, passed down to us by the apostles and their successors in the form of Tradition.  The current assault on these traditions of the Church make our work vital to Catholics everywhere, and we invite you to join us in our apostolate.

Faith & Tradition

The enemies of God have succeeded in infiltrating the Church, and seek to pervert the very nature of Catholicism.  This they do through their assault on the two pillars of the Church, Faith and Tradition.  The Guild seeks to preserve and restore both, and deserves the support of Catholics everywhere.

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Mass & Sacraments

The modernists used the Mass to subvert our whole understanding of God. They abolished the apostolic Mass and turned it into a celebration of our community spirit, thus diverting the focus of our worship from God to man.

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The Divine Office

Whether or not we're able to assist at the Traditional Mass, we can all work to support the Guild's apostolate by praying the traditional Divine Office, the official prayer of the Church

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Is Rome still Catholic?

Join us in working to restore Holy Mother Church to her Traditions!


The Enemies of God Have Compromised Our Faith, Morals, Worship, and Catholic Culture. 
It is the Apostolate of all faithful Catholics to restore all things in Christ.

The Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula is faithful to Rome, while rejecting the modernist errors of the enemies within.


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There's no question that the Church is in trouble these days.  In every age since our Lord's death, there has been trouble, as He predicted there would be.  But in every age he has inspired men and women to respond to the assaults on his holy Church.  These times are no different.  Are you one of those warriors he is calling to today's battle?

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The Guild seeks inspired and devoted priests to join us in our own campaign to preserve and restore the traditions of the Church.  If you're an ordained priest and don't feel your current situation fulfills the path to which God called you, why not discuss with us an alternative way, one that answers God's call to defend his Church.

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The Guild is looking to establish its Second Order of Religious and seeks communities following the Rule of St. Benedict to join us in preserving the monastic traditions of that Rule, with especial emphasis on the communal recitation of the monastic Office. Members of teaching and nursing communities are also welcome.

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The Guild welcomes as an Oblate any member of the Catholic clergy or laity, who wishes to structure his or her prayer life around the guidance of our simple Rule. We encourage our Oblates to center their life on the union with God found in the reception of the Divine Eucharist, and in their worship of God through the Divine Office.

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The Guild and Our Apostolate

The Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula was established in 2014 as a congregation of Catholic priests, religious, and laity, working and praying together for the restoration of the traditions of the Church, primarily though the preservation of the authentic Catholic liturgy.

We declare our complete submission to the Roman Catholic Church, and seek to do our part to bring her back to her own unambiguous submission to the will of God. We remain ever mindful of the promise of His Divine Son that He will abide in His Church even until the end of time. We firmly believe all the truths of the Catholic Church as taught throughout her history, and are ready to die to preserve the integrity of this Faith. We take as our patron saint the first holy Pope and Bishop of Rome to whom Our Lord gave the keys of His kingdom. The See of Peter is now in chains, and we are anxious to answer the call of that same Angel who appeared to our glorious patron in prison, saying: "Arise up quickly. Gird thyself, and bind on thy sandals. Cast thy garment about thee, and follow me."

Membership is open to all Catholics who have the vocation to assist in this godly work. We have three tiers of membership: Our priests are dedicated to providing the traditional Mass and sacraments. Our religious men and woman divide their time between prayer, chiefly in the common recitation of the Divine Office, and work in the active apostolate. Our oblates use their own particular talents to support the Guild's apostolate insomuch as their duties of life permit, at least by praying the Divine Office or one of the alternative forms of liturgical prayer suggested by the Rule.

Our aim is to provide peaceful and harmonious communities of priests, religious, and lay oblates where Roman Catholics who recognize that things have not been going well with the Church since Vatican II can rediscover their traditional faith and values and help provide an oasis of truth and prayer for all who seek God.

We have no interest in the polemics and never-ending divisions prevalent among so many who practice the traditional form of worship. Our aim is rather to provide a spiritual home for those fellow Catholics who seek to lay aside divisive trivialities and unite instead around the never-changing dogmas and moral values taught by Christ’s Church.

We therefore welcome to our Missions and Priories all those of good will, who, while they may vigorously hold their own opinions on matters yet undecided by the Church’s teaching authority, still recognize that other Catholics of similar good will may favor an alternative opinion. We support all attempts by those who confess the same faith and reject Modernism to try to find answers to the often vexing questions posed by the current situation in the Church. At the same time we reject any pretense of authority by elevating our conclusions to the level of “dogmas”.

This does not imply any weakness whatsoever in our defense of the actual dogmas and teachings of the Church which have been passed down to us undefiled since the time of the Apostles, and which have been defined and otherwise imposed as divinely revealed truth by the legitimate teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church. By these truths we live, and for these truths we are prepared to die.

We remain Roman Catholic, with our allegiance to the everlasting Rome of truth and tradition, resigned in these unhappy times in which we live to submit entirely to the unseen Will of God. In the absence of legitimately authorized superiors, we count on God alone to bestow His blessings on our enterprises, and we look to the powerful protection and guidance of Christ the King, as manifested in the holy innocence of His infancy. For this reason we have recognized in the Holy Infant of Prague the supreme expression of this absolute power absolutely incorrupt. We have remembered His words and etched them on our hearts, that “Except ye become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” And we surrender our own will unto His, as with humble submission we call to mind the words of Isaiah the Prophet, who told of the day when “a little child shall lead them.”

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Faith and Tradition

The Two Pillars of the Church

The enemies of the Church have always attacked her faith.  From the early heretics to the Protestants of the sixteenth century, from the Revolutionaries and Freemasons of the eighteenth century to the Modernists of the twentieth, they all tried to change what the Church has always taught.  Their modus operandi had always been to attack the doctrines of the Church directly and head-on.  Their tools were criticism and revolt, defiance and schism. 

In their most recent assault on the Church, the Modernists were more successful than their heretical predecessors in that they attacked from within.  They infiltrated the very hierarchy of the Church's clergy, even as high as the Papacy itself.  Starting with Pope Pius XII's abolition of many of the sacred rites and traditions of the Church's Liturgy, the infiltrators set the ball rolling for the total destruction of all things holy.   The trend continued and gradually spiralled out of control with Vatican II.

Liturgy and Worship

The Mass, the Sacraments, and the Divine Office

With the gradual re-definition of the Liturgy as a mere teaching tool for the faithful, the Modernists substantially altered the Mass and other liturgical forms of prayer, centering them on man, and no longer on God.  The Mass became merely the gathering of the community to celebrate a Divine Being re-defined in terms of the mankind He had created.  Christ's infinite Sacrifice was replaced with man's pitiful offering of bread and wine.

Having learned from their past failures in confronting the Church's faith head-on, the Modernists infiltrated the clergy in order to attack the faith from within the Church and in the name of the Church. They succeeded in using the liturgical reforms as their Trojan Horse, out of which poured the minions of Satan to pillage the rest of the Church's treasures.   This is why the Guild emphasizes the restoration of the pre-Vatican II Liturgy as the most effective means of revitalizing the Bride of Christ, and returning her to the eternal ways of Tradition.

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