Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula  


For the Restoration of Catholic Tradition


Members of the Guild

The Types of Membership Available in the Guild


The First Order of the Guild is comprised exclusively of bishops and priests, deacons and subdeacons, who wish to live their apostolate according to the Rule of the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula.

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The Second Order of the Guild is intended for priests, professed religious men and women, and lay brothers and sisters, who wish to live in a monastic-style community according to the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula's edition of the Rule of St. Benedict.

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The Third Order of the Guild is comprised of priests, clerics, and lay people, who wish to live according to the Rule of the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula, insofar as their duties and state of life permit.

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Membership in the Guild

The members of the Guild are those priests, religious and oblates who have been recorded in the Register of the Guild.  In addition, the members of the Board of Directors are ex officio members of the Guild, whether or not they belong to any of the three orders of the Guild (Priests, Religious, or Oblates).  Members of Chapter are already appointed from the Guild's membership in one or other of the three orders of the Guild.

Voting and Non-Voting Members

Only Directors of the Board and Members of the Chapter shall have voting rights, as granted by the Bylaws.  All other priests, religious, and oblates who are members of the Guild, have no voting rights, and are not entitled to vote in the Annual Election for the Board of Directors, nor in any of the other elections that are held each year to choose the Superior General, the Dean of Chapter, or the Officers of the Board.

The Three Orders of the Guild

Other than the Board of Directors, who are members of the Guild by virtue of their office, membership in the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula is limited to the Priests of the First Order, the Religious of the Second Order, and the Oblates of the Third Order.  For more information on each Order, see the boxes on the left of each page, which contain links to the relevant pages.

Other Members and Non-Members

Board of Directors

 In addition to the members of the three Orders outlined above, the only other members of the Guild are the Directors of the Board.  Their membership is limited to the time they hold elected office, that is, from their election at the Chair of Unity Meeting (held between January 18 and 25 every year) until such time as they are replaced by another election, or by their resignation or removal from office.


After the seminary application of a candidate to the priesthood has been approved by the Guild, he does not immediately become a member of the Guild.  If he is already an oblate, he retains the rank (postulant, novice, or professed oblate).  If he is not an oblate, he is admitted to membership of the Guild as a postulant at the time of his tonsure, rising through the novitiate to his final oblation during his studies at the seminary and coinciding with his ordations to the minor orders.

Upon admission to major orders, that is, at his ordination to the subdiaconate, he will seek approval to be admitted into the First Order of the Guild.

Friends and Benefactors

Although they are not members of the Guild, our friends and benefactors nevertheless hold a special place in our prayers, as their support, fionancial and otherwise, makes it possible for us to perform our apostolate.

Board Members

Members of the Board of Directors are also members of the Guild.  While they are responsible for and legally bound by the Bylaws of the Guild, they are in no way held to conform to the Rule, except by virtue of any membership to one of the three Orders of the Guild.

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Candidates for the priesthood who are being trained under the auspices of the Guild shall be admitted to the Guild, first as Oblates while they are under tonsure and minor orders. Upon ordination to the Subdiaconate, providing no recommendation to the contrary be made by the Seminary Rector, they are admitted to the First Order of the Guild, after which they are bound to follow the Rule in its entirety, and specifically as it pertains to the First Order.

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Friends & Benefactors

The family, friends and benefactors of Guild members, while not members of the Guild themselves, are nevertheless held in special reverence, and they are specifically called to mind and remembered in our daily prayers.  They may opt to receive the quarterly newsletter of the Guild and other informational correspondence provided by the Guild.

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