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For the Restoration of Catholic Tradition


Infant of Prague Chapel

6397 Holloway Drive, Liberty Township, Ohio 45044


Infant of Prague Chapel

Established in 2012, Infant of Prague Chapel is the current headquarters of the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula and residence of Fr. Bernard Hall.  We welcome all Catholics who recognize that things have not been going well with the Church since Vatican II, and who seek a peaceful and harmonious setting where they may continue to practice (or re-discover) their Faith in the context of the traditional Apostolic Mass.  Please be aware, however, that Father's schedule does not permit the Mass to be offered at specific times, so please call before you come.

This Week's Masses

November 29 - December 6, 2020


Sun Nov 30 10:00 AM 25th and Last Sunday after Pentecost
St. Cecilia, VM
By Angie Poeppelman for the Poeppelman family
4:00 PM   By Nicole Belfiore for President Donald Trump

Mon Nov 30   St. Andrew, Ap By Megan Miller for the repose of the soul of Bobby Boyette
      By Nicole Belfiore for her brother Daniel McGovern

Tue Dec 1   Feria By Fran Freiman for the repose of the soul of Fr. Alojzy Nowakowski
      Monthly Requiem for the Guild of All Souls

Wed Dec 2   St. Bibiana, VM By Jessica Tancreti for the repose of the soul of Victor Tancreti
      By Dr. J. Quinn Dorgan for the Holy Souls

Thu  Dec 3 St. Francis Xavier, C By James Napolitano for his daughter-in-law
      By Dr. J. Quinn Dorgan in thanks for favors received

Fri Dec 4   St. Peter Chrysologus, BCD
St. Barbara, VM
By Dr. J. Quinn Dorgan for Fr. James Thielen
      By Dr. J. Quinn Dorgan in thanks for favors received

Sat Dec 5 Feria
St. Sabbas, Ab
By By Dr. J. Quinn Dorgan for the deceased of the Dorgan Family
      By Katherine Ruminski for the repose of the soul of Lucy Missel

Sun Dec 6 10:00 AM 2nd Sunday in Advent
St. Nicholas, BC
By Tim Shannon in thanksgiving
  4:00 PM   By Kerry Duffy for President Donald Trump


The Chaplain

Fr. Bernard G. Hall

Born in 1955 in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England, Fr. Hall was educated at Oakbank School and the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, where he received a Masters Degree in the Liberal Arts in 1977.  After entering the Seminaire Internationale Saint Pie X at Econe, Switzerland in 1978, he he was ordained to the subdiaconate in 1982.  The following year he joined the faculty of St. Pius V School in Wantagh, New York, where he taught high school Religion, Literature, English, Church History and Frencb from 1983 to 1988.  From 1988-1993 he worked for the British Government in Manhattan, first at the U.K. Mission to the United Nations, and then at the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office.  After 1988, Fr. Hall worked as an independent corporate and leisure travel agent for eight years, before beginning his monumental work on transcribing the Latin and English editions of the Roman Breviary into digital format and making it easily available for the first time to the Catholic faithful.  Relocating to Cincinnati in 2004, he taught Religion, Latin, German, English, History and Civics at St. Gertrude the Great School, as well as directing the Gregorian Schola and playing the organ at the daily High Mass.

Ordination to the Priesthood

In 2009 Fr. Hall, still a subdeacon, left St. Gertrude's to join the new parish of St. Albert the Great in Cincinnati.  Here he resumed his studies for the priesthood, and was ordained on May 4, 2011 by Bishop Paul S. Petko, who traces his episcopal lineage back through Dominican Bishops Robert McKenna and Guerard des Lauriers, Confessor to His Holiness Pope Pius XII.  After his ordination, Fr. Hall spent his first years of priesthood working in England, France and Italy.  Returning to the United States at the end of 2012, and after establishing the Chapel of the Infant of Prague in Liberty Township, Ohio, he took up a temporary assignment as Assistant Pastor to Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel in Monroe, Connecticut.

2014 to the present day

Fr. Hall returned to Liberty Township in 2014 to continue his apostolate at Infant of Prague Chapel.  Here, he established the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula, dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Catholic Church by means of her traditional liturgical practices.  In addition to his work at Infant of Prague Chapel, Fr. Hall offers weekly Mass at St. Margaret Mary in Urbana, Ohio, every Sunday morning at 10:00.

Infant of Prague Chapel

6397 Holloway Drive
Liberty Township, OH 45044

Fr. Bernard G. Hall (Chaplain)

(513) 435-1726


Sundays : 4:00 pm


Sundays : 3:30 - 3:50 pm


The Board of Directors met on Thursday, January 23.  The agenda included the election of the Dean and Officers of the Board, the installation of our new Director, Mr. Gary Ritter, and the review of the Guild's finances and approval of the budget for fiscal year 2020.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for Larry Brugger, one of the faithful at our chapel in Urbana, Ohio, who is very sick with a number of ailments.


If you would like to have a Mass offered for your special intentions, click on the link below.


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