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The Priests of the Guild

The Guild's First Order

The First Order of the Guild

Bishops, Priests, Clerics in Major Orders

The First Order of the Guild shall comprise those Bishops, Priests, Deacons and Subdeacons, who wish not only to associate themselves with the work of the Guild, but also to subject themselves to its Rule, specifically Article 5 which pertains to the Priests of the First Order.  A priest may choose instead to belong to the Second or Third Order, as detailed in the relevant pages of this website.


Admission to the Guild's First Order is applied for at the time of a seminarian's admission into major orders, as detailed in the relevant page on the Seminary.  For priests who are already ordained, a thorough background check is conducted on any applicant for the First Order.  The purpose of the check is to ensure that the applicant has the following:

  • Valid orders
  • Solid religious formation
  • History of good morals

The reason for the check is to ensure, to the extent it is humanly possible, that the missions established by the Guild are served by priests who are sufficiently prepared for the awesome responsibility they bear.

Induction and Supervision

After the applicant for the First Order has been successfully evaluated, the Dean and Chapter shall make the final recommendation to the Superior General for the formal admission of the candidate.  Upon approval, this admission takes place in a special ceremony conducted by the Superior General or another Priest designated by the Superior General. The ceremony shall include a profession of fidelity to the Guild and of obedience to the Rule, as well as the Anti-Modernist Oath if this has not recently been made.

The profession of fidelity to the Guild and its Rule, which is renewed annually on the Feast of St. Peter-in-Chains (August 1), is neither a a vow nor an oath of obedience, nor is  it irrevocable or binding under pain of mortal sin.

Upon admittance into the Guild, the Chapter may recommend that the Priest be assigned for a certain period to the supervision of a Prior or Mission Chaplain.  During this assignment the new First Order member shall endeavor to acquire the spirit of the Guild, so that he may be better able to transmit it to the faithful, and especially to the Oblates, when assigned to a Mission or Priory of his own.


The Rule

Article 5 on the First Order

Article 5 of the Rule applies to the members of the First Order, who should carefully study and familiarize themselves with it.

Article 5 of the Rule

Want to join the First Order?

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Reading the Rule will give you a good idea whether or not the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula is for you. The important thing to evaluate, as you read through the Rule, is how you would apply it to your existing apostolate, if you have one, of, if not, how you would best fit into one of our existing missions or priories. Ask yourself these questions:

Checkout the tutorial link below and you'll learn how to:

  • Do my existing beliefs and values coincide with those espoused by the Rule?
  • Can I continue my existing priestly life in conformity with the Rule?
  • If not, is it possible for me to make the necessary changes?
  • Would I be better suited to join the Second or Third Order?
  • How will I benefit from joining the Guild's First Order?
  • How can I contribute to the Guild's apostolate?
Read the Rule

To ensure a thorough understanding of what would need to be undertaken, it is important to famliarize yourself with the section of the Rule that pertains specifically to the priests of the First Order. For this reason you should read Article 5 of the Rule until you are sufficiently familiar with its requirements, and believe you will be able to commit to them.

During this process, ask yourself:

  • How much of Article 5 do I already follow?
  • Is there anything in Article 5 that conflicts with my existing lifestyle?
  • Am I able to commit to following Article 5 without reservation, hesitation, or deviation?
Read Article 5 of the Rule

If your reading of the Rule encourages you to know more about the Guild and your potential role in its apostolate, you should now contact us by telephone to discuss the way forward. We are always happy to talk with our fellow priests who are looking to extend their apostolate or make it more relevant to the current situation in the Church.

During your conversation be sure to mention the following:

  • What benefits you are looking for in joining the Guild
  • Whether you have an existing chapel that supports you
  • If you are looking to relocate
  • What contributions you think you could make to the Guild and its apostolate
Call Us

Take some time after your conversation with us to consider what you have learned so far. You can make a decision to proceed with your application, without making any final commitments.

If you would like to proceed further, do the following:

  • Contact us again to confirm your intentions to proceed
  • Follow the instructions you will then be given
  • Provide us with any pertinent information that is likely to appear on your background check
  • Provide your written and signed consent to a Background Check
  • Begin following the Rule insofar as it can be applied to your current situation and lifestyle
Contact Us

We may need to get in touch with you if we need further information regarding your theological views, spiritual aspirations, medical background, educational accomplishments, financial situation, and so on. You should comply with these requests promptly, understanding our emphasis on providing suitable priests for the faithful.

Send Information Here

While waiting for the final approval of your application, you should purchase the Handbook for Priests. This will make the Rule more readily available, and provide you with the ceremonial and texts for inducting Oblates into the novitiate and receiving their Final Oblation.

Buy Handbook Here

Note to my fellow priests

from Fr. Bernard G. Hall, Dean of Chapter

My dear colleagues in Christ,

If you are reading this page, I hope it is with the serious consideration of becoming affiliated with the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula. 

One of the most regrettable sights in the world today is that of men of God, dedicated to the preservation of the Church's traditions, squabbling among themselves in ecclesiastical and theological disputes they have no authority to decide.

In the absence of any unifying force  in the Church, it is no wonder that we find ourselves divided.  And with no recognizable Magisterium to settle our differences, there is a danger that the devil may succeed in scattering us into permanent discord.

I hope you will find that the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula offers a welcome change from the kind of divisive polemics to which we are all so unfortunately accustomed.  I invite you to read more about us with a view to joining our apostolate, and uniting forces to save souls.

 We recognize that you might not want to change your existing location and apostolate.  You may be quite happy with the group you are already affiliated with.  These considerations need not affect your decision to join the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula; our three orders of membership provide you with the assurance that you can remain in control of the degree to which you associate with us.

If you don't wish to change your current apostolate in any way, you can still join the Guild as a Priest Oblate, conforming to the Rule only insofar as you wish.  If, on the other hand, you prefer to accept our Rule as your way of life, we are ready to consider your application to the First Order.

Whatever you decide, we appreciate your taking the time to look us over, and pray that, no matter where your apostolate may lead you, it will thrive and bring many graces to the Church and her children.

Fr. Bernard Hall  

| or Call: 513-435-1726

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