Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula  


For the Restoration of Catholic Tradition


The Religious of the Guild

The Guild's Second Order

The Second Order of the Guild

The Religious, Lay and Professed

The Second Order of the Guild shall comprise those monks and nuns, both professed  and lay, who desire to live in community and follow the Rule of St. Peter ad Vincula, specifically Article 6, which pertains to the Second Order, and which is based upon the Rule of St. Benedict.


The communities in which the Religious live are called Priories, and follow those regulations in the Rule which pertain to such Prioriies.  Each Priory is presided over by a Prior or Prioress, who is elected by his or her community.

The current situation

The Guild would be happy to receive traditional communities who are willing to adopt the Rule of the Guild as described above.  Such communities should contact the Superior General or Dean of Chapter to discuss admission into the Guild.  Meanwhile, individual religious may also join the Guild as an Oblate.  Once a sufficient number of such Oblates exist, the Guild will explore the possibilities of establishing a Priory.

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